Saturday, 4 August 2012

My awesome nails.

Hey guys, look at my nails!!!

They are kinda Doctor Who themed.

If you see a silent, when you look away you can't remember. The doctor, Amy and Rory wrote how many silents they saw on their hands and arms.


 This is a cybermat. They look like metal rats. And they don't look too pleasant when they open their mouths.

 This is what the doctor wears, by the way, bow ties are cool.

This is supposed to be a dalek.

 Me holding a cybermat. Arghhhhhhh!!!!

 The sonic screwdriver 

The old sonic screwdriver

All my nails

 I was experimenting on mummy's nail, 'cause it's long. (her's is the one with the tail. Mine wasn't long enough to have a tail) 

Thanks for reading. See ya soon folks 

Lizi x x

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