Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Hello people I'm soooo sorry I haven't blogged for ages so I have lots to tell you;

Thing One: Me and Kae-Lei are doing the school newspaper (Mr Farrars idea) and we sold 45 copies not just to the children but to the teachers.

Thing Two: I was Cinderella in the school play.

Thing Three: We have built a hall way at home.

Thing Four: We don't have room for our Christmas tree so we had Chescas nineteen inch pink tree so we put the tree under the presents rather than the other way round.

Thing Five: I got loads of books and chocolates so I can do loads of reviews (on the books not the chocolates)

Thing Six: I got some puffle baseball boots with a black puffle on fire on the sides (he only catches fire when eating an oberry), I got a small white puffle off Seb and a reversible penguin-puffle toy if you unzip the penguin you can turn him into a puffle by turning him inside out. Puffles are the pets you can get on Club Penguin for your iggy (igloo).

Thing Seven: here is my review for The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson

Ella and her mum lived happily together until Jack came along a teacher from Garton Road like mum and now mum is having Jacks baby and Ella hates Jack. When the baby starts coming Jack drives mum to hospital whilst Ella stays with Liz, mums friend after hours Jack comes home upset because mums gone into a coma. Ella wants to see mum but Liz fusses about it being to upsetting Jack doesn't listen and takes Ella anyway. When they arrive Jack urges Ella to talk to mum because she can still hear but Ella won't say any thing in front of Jack or the nurses. The next day Jack doesn't go to Garton Road and Ella doesn't go to school, They go to see mum instead and Jack shows Ella the baby - a boy and they call him Sam then they take him back to mum and he starts crying they unbutton mum's nightie and lie him on her chest he stops crying. When Ella finally goes back to school they are learning about whales so she learns all about them and keeps telling mum over and over again that the longest whale song ever recorded was twenty two hours long. When Liz gives Ella and Jack an ipod they manage to get hold of some whale music they plug it in every time they visit mum and every time she sighs. The doctors say she's improving. Will mum get better or will she stay like that forever?
Find out in The Longest Whale Song