Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The last day of the holidays

Today we went to see our friends caroline and George, we had fun in their garden, it was very sunny.

This is us all carrying Seb in a bucket;

He absolutely loved it!

This is me sunbathing on the mat in the massive garden;

we all had a chocolate biscuit and Seb had one too, it looked like he had half a moustache and beard!

Tomorrow I am going back to school, I will be in Y5, my teachers are called Mr. Farrar and Mrs Stowell (this is our friend Claire, it will strange having her for a teacher). I am looking forward to seing all my friends I will be in the big yard and it has a stage and log benches.

I have had my birthday. On August 16th I was nine. I got an elastic band ball from Francesca and a briliant dress from Seb and Nani gave me some funky pens and pads. I got lots of money to spend on myself, I have already bought a new leather jacket and some books.

I'm having an early night so I am am up early to get to school.

Elizabeth (Lizi) x


  1. Hi, i hope school was fun today! Jake goes back next Tuesday then on Friday he gets his new puppy! i will post some pics when it arrives, hugs to you all, jackanne xx


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