Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yum Yum !

Hello, guess what I made last night choccy bites. They are delicious I got the recipie from the Jaqueline Wilson magazine issue number seven here it is:



500g cooking chocalate
250g margirine
250g sultanas - you don't have to have them
500g crushed digestive biscuits
1 tin of condensed milk


1. melt half of the chocalate and margirine over a low heat

2.mix the crushed digestives and sultanas in a bowl

3. add condensed milk to the mixture

4. pour marg and chocolate into biscuit mix and stir well

5. grease a baking tin and line with greaseproof paper

6. press the mix into the tin and press flat and cool

7. melt the rest of the choocolate and pour over the mixture, pop in the fridge to set

8. once set cut into squares and enjoy!!!

They are absolutely deeeee-licious!

Love Lizi xxx


  1. Mmm... they look so tasty! i could do with your baking skills here at my house, well done!

  2. Now those look seriously yummy, I think my little grandaughter would love to make those.
    Florrie x

  3. I bet my own little cheeky monkey would like to make (and eat) these for sure!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I love your We Four Blog and this recipe looks great. Keep up the good work, I'll call by to see what you're up to again :) Di x

  5. Hello,
    Can't wait to make and try it.
    My name is Johanna ( Johanna-Poppy)
    I am 14.
    And you?


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