Friday, 23 July 2010

The Perfect Hamburger

The Perfect Hamburger (Written By Alexander McCall Smith Illustrated By Tony Ross) is about a boy called Joe who loves any kind of hamburgers. In his town there is only one hamburger place. This place is owned by an old man called Mr Borthwick. His shop is very old like him and the stools are very tatty and the walls are very dirty.

One day Joe sees a sign on a big building saying "PROPOSED SITE OF ANOTHER HAMBURGER HOUSE." the Hamurger House is a place that serves the best hamburgers in the country that are ready in just two minutes.

Mr Borthwick barley had any custumers now the new Hamburger House had opened. Mr Borthwick lets Joe make his own buger and Joe sees three tins of spices one brown, one black and one with a tree on he puts some in. When he and Mr Borthwick eat their burgers they agree that it is the best hamburger they have ever tasted. Mr Borthwick asks how he did it but the resipie had vanished from his mind.

Can Joe and Mr Borthwick find out what spice it is before his hamburger place is closed forever ?

This is a brilliant book so I'd give it a 9/10 . Enjoy reading it !!!

Love Elizabeth (Lizi) xxx
Good night I am going to bed now.


  1. Great review Elizabeth. I like to read the 44 Scotland Street books by the same author !! There is a very funny dog in them that likes to nip peoples ankles !! What else do you like to read? I hope you give us some more of your reviews. When I was your age I loved the Malory towers books but that is because I'm an old fogey who grew up in the 1970s - don't tell anyone :)
    Twiggy x

  2. Hello

    Love your review - makes me want to borrow it from you and read it!

    Sleep tight, busy day tomorrow making a bloody awful mess.

    Lots of love


  3. Ooh another hamburger book! When I was a young person, mamy years ago, one of my favourite books was "my darling, my hamburger" by Paul Zindel. In fact I still call my husband my hamburger but unfortunately no-one seems to have heard of the book so they all think I'm just a little bit strange...........
    Lovely blog by the way.

  4. Brilliant review - I didn't know about this book - I have read all of the number one ladies detective agency novels he wrote, and a few others - I am going to HAVE to get a copy of this one now.



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