Friday, 23 July 2010

Hetty Feather

Hetty Feather (Written By Jacqueline Wilson Illustrated By Nick Sharrat). Hetty is a tiny baby when her real mother abandons her at the Foundling Hospital. The hospital cares for lots of children. But Hetty has to live with a foster family untill shes oldernough to go to school.
Hetty lives with Gideon (who is also a foundling) , Soul (another foundling) , Martha(another foundling) Jem , Rosie , Nat , Eliza then theres Marcus who is away fighting as a soldier and Bess and Nora who are away in service. She also lives with her foster mother and father .
One day her and Jem see a circus Tanglefields Traveling Circus they sneak in and Hetty gets to go on some horses with Madam Adeline.
The next night they see mother giving Martha a bath and laying out her best clothes on her bed for the next day then in the morning Martha is not there a couple of weeks later the same happens with Soul and later that month Mother takes Hetty and Gideon to the foundling hospital and sais that they must stay together.
Hetty is now determind to find her reall mother.
Will she be able to escape from the foundling hospital and find her real mother.

This is a fantastic book set in victorian times. I love history an this book has quite a lot of victorian facts in so I enjoyed it more than most books and found out quite a lot of interesting things so I'd give it a 10 / 10 !

Bye , see you soon love Elizabeth (Lizi) xxx

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  1. This one sound interesting - my daughter used to love Jaqueline Wilson stories, but I always thought they were a bit tradgic!
    Did you know she is the best selling author in the last few years?

    I am going to recomend this on to my neice!


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