Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Hello people I'm soooo sorry I haven't blogged for ages so I have lots to tell you;

Thing One: Me and Kae-Lei are doing the school newspaper (Mr Farrars idea) and we sold 45 copies not just to the children but to the teachers.

Thing Two: I was Cinderella in the school play.

Thing Three: We have built a hall way at home.

Thing Four: We don't have room for our Christmas tree so we had Chescas nineteen inch pink tree so we put the tree under the presents rather than the other way round.

Thing Five: I got loads of books and chocolates so I can do loads of reviews (on the books not the chocolates)

Thing Six: I got some puffle baseball boots with a black puffle on fire on the sides (he only catches fire when eating an oberry), I got a small white puffle off Seb and a reversible penguin-puffle toy if you unzip the penguin you can turn him into a puffle by turning him inside out. Puffles are the pets you can get on Club Penguin for your iggy (igloo).

Thing Seven: here is my review for The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson

Ella and her mum lived happily together until Jack came along a teacher from Garton Road like mum and now mum is having Jacks baby and Ella hates Jack. When the baby starts coming Jack drives mum to hospital whilst Ella stays with Liz, mums friend after hours Jack comes home upset because mums gone into a coma. Ella wants to see mum but Liz fusses about it being to upsetting Jack doesn't listen and takes Ella anyway. When they arrive Jack urges Ella to talk to mum because she can still hear but Ella won't say any thing in front of Jack or the nurses. The next day Jack doesn't go to Garton Road and Ella doesn't go to school, They go to see mum instead and Jack shows Ella the baby - a boy and they call him Sam then they take him back to mum and he starts crying they unbutton mum's nightie and lie him on her chest he stops crying. When Ella finally goes back to school they are learning about whales so she learns all about them and keeps telling mum over and over again that the longest whale song ever recorded was twenty two hours long. When Liz gives Ella and Jack an ipod they manage to get hold of some whale music they plug it in every time they visit mum and every time she sighs. The doctors say she's improving. Will mum get better or will she stay like that forever?
Find out in The Longest Whale Song

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The last day of the holidays

Today we went to see our friends caroline and George, we had fun in their garden, it was very sunny.

This is us all carrying Seb in a bucket;

He absolutely loved it!

This is me sunbathing on the mat in the massive garden;

we all had a chocolate biscuit and Seb had one too, it looked like he had half a moustache and beard!

Tomorrow I am going back to school, I will be in Y5, my teachers are called Mr. Farrar and Mrs Stowell (this is our friend Claire, it will strange having her for a teacher). I am looking forward to seing all my friends I will be in the big yard and it has a stage and log benches.

I have had my birthday. On August 16th I was nine. I got an elastic band ball from Francesca and a briliant dress from Seb and Nani gave me some funky pens and pads. I got lots of money to spend on myself, I have already bought a new leather jacket and some books.

I'm having an early night so I am am up early to get to school.

Elizabeth (Lizi) x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hello really sorry I have not blogged for days. We had to go and stay at granny smiths house for six days because daddy and grumpy had been taking the celing and the walls down. There was to much dust to sleep in our rooms and mummy taped every room shut. So I couldn't go on my laptop to do a blog.
And I didn't have the internet conection for three days either.

Yesterday we went to the farm and I got headbutted by a llama owwww.

The day before we went to to the farm we made some more chuncy choccy bites delicious !!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yum Yum !

Hello, guess what I made last night choccy bites. They are delicious I got the recipie from the Jaqueline Wilson magazine issue number seven here it is:



500g cooking chocalate
250g margirine
250g sultanas - you don't have to have them
500g crushed digestive biscuits
1 tin of condensed milk


1. melt half of the chocalate and margirine over a low heat

2.mix the crushed digestives and sultanas in a bowl

3. add condensed milk to the mixture

4. pour marg and chocolate into biscuit mix and stir well

5. grease a baking tin and line with greaseproof paper

6. press the mix into the tin and press flat and cool

7. melt the rest of the choocolate and pour over the mixture, pop in the fridge to set

8. once set cut into squares and enjoy!!!

They are absolutely deeeee-licious!

Love Lizi xxx

Saturday, 24 July 2010

No Nits

No Nits is about Princess Primrose who has the longest hair in Haria. One day she sees in the newspaper that there are nits in the kingdom of Haria. So her father announces that everyone must wash their hair nobody in Haria ever washed their hair.

The next day her father announces that everyone must brush their hair nobody in Haria ever brushed their hair.
Later that week her father has his hair cut short. "Primrose stop scratching" sais her father "I can't " the princess replies.

Join Princess Primrose and see if she can get rid of her nits.
This is a very funny book so I'd give it a 8 / 10

Love Elizabeth (Lizi) xxx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Hetty Feather

Hetty Feather (Written By Jacqueline Wilson Illustrated By Nick Sharrat). Hetty is a tiny baby when her real mother abandons her at the Foundling Hospital. The hospital cares for lots of children. But Hetty has to live with a foster family untill shes oldernough to go to school.
Hetty lives with Gideon (who is also a foundling) , Soul (another foundling) , Martha(another foundling) Jem , Rosie , Nat , Eliza then theres Marcus who is away fighting as a soldier and Bess and Nora who are away in service. She also lives with her foster mother and father .
One day her and Jem see a circus Tanglefields Traveling Circus they sneak in and Hetty gets to go on some horses with Madam Adeline.
The next night they see mother giving Martha a bath and laying out her best clothes on her bed for the next day then in the morning Martha is not there a couple of weeks later the same happens with Soul and later that month Mother takes Hetty and Gideon to the foundling hospital and sais that they must stay together.
Hetty is now determind to find her reall mother.
Will she be able to escape from the foundling hospital and find her real mother.

This is a fantastic book set in victorian times. I love history an this book has quite a lot of victorian facts in so I enjoyed it more than most books and found out quite a lot of interesting things so I'd give it a 10 / 10 !

Bye , see you soon love Elizabeth (Lizi) xxx

The Perfect Hamburger

The Perfect Hamburger (Written By Alexander McCall Smith Illustrated By Tony Ross) is about a boy called Joe who loves any kind of hamburgers. In his town there is only one hamburger place. This place is owned by an old man called Mr Borthwick. His shop is very old like him and the stools are very tatty and the walls are very dirty.

One day Joe sees a sign on a big building saying "PROPOSED SITE OF ANOTHER HAMBURGER HOUSE." the Hamurger House is a place that serves the best hamburgers in the country that are ready in just two minutes.

Mr Borthwick barley had any custumers now the new Hamburger House had opened. Mr Borthwick lets Joe make his own buger and Joe sees three tins of spices one brown, one black and one with a tree on he puts some in. When he and Mr Borthwick eat their burgers they agree that it is the best hamburger they have ever tasted. Mr Borthwick asks how he did it but the resipie had vanished from his mind.

Can Joe and Mr Borthwick find out what spice it is before his hamburger place is closed forever ?

This is a brilliant book so I'd give it a 9/10 . Enjoy reading it !!!

Love Elizabeth (Lizi) xxx
Good night I am going to bed now.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Davies' (us)

Hi again, I thought you'd like to see me and my family so here we are -





Back soon, Elizabeth xxx

Hi Everyone

Hello, my name is Elizabeth I have a sister called Francesca and two brothers called Nathaniel and Sebastian.We are all cheeky monkeys.

My mummy has a blog called Daisie Days and we thought we'd like to have a little corner of blogland of our own to record our adventures.

Elizabeth xxx